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H 33.3cm x W 24.2cm x D 2.5cm

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Acrylic painting of a blurred demon-like creature turning around. Airi Kunori used her original glossy acrylic paint and resin to capture the moment on canvas. She used two different colors and the smudge of paints to create the unique and fun texture of paint.

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Airi Kunori

Airi Kunori chooses to express herself by painting because she feels that she can express the image in this head in the most clear and direct way. She mentions that the process of putting the paint on canvas feels right to her to express her idea. The subjects of her artwork are of various experiences, the way she felt and what she thought during the time. She uses a variety of tools including acrylic paint, pen, and oil paint, and selects the material to use based on the subject is the painting. She describes it as feeling right when she succeeds in choosing the right way to express the subject.

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