TRiCERA ART features 18,094 artworks by young artists from over 80 countries. You can find a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, photography, sculptures and more in our online gallery. New artworks added daily, the authenticity of all artworks is guaranteed, and free worldwide shipping is available.


TRiCERA crosses national borders and provides a one-stop service that connects art around the world. Our team of members with expertise in technology, marketing, logistics, and the arts will help artists solve the challenges of expanding overseas and help them expand into broader global markets.

Helping artists expand into the world

There are many barriers to an artist’s entry into the world, including logistical hassles, language, and marketing. We take care of everything from negotiations with our clients, to pickup and delivery, to return arrangements, and provide a system that allows artists to work globally while being in their own country.

Become a platform to nurture the career development of artists

TRiCERA supports artists in the development of their careers. TRiCERA aims to create and grow a platform that allows artists to fulfill their vision of the future, whether they want to sell their work or connect with a gallery.

Creativity knows no borders.

TRiCERA breaks down the towering walls in front of art and artists. Breaking down the barriers of language and distance, we will create a mechanism to deliver artworks created in different parts of the world to the whole world and bring the world’s art together. Creativity knows no borders. TRICERA provides a global art platform with the mission of

Leadership Profile

Tai Iguchi - Chief Executive Officer
Tai Iguchi is a Chief Executive Officer of TRiCERA, Inc. He has over 10 years of experience in establishing and building businesses specialized in supply chain and global projects management. He gained his extensive experience in a leading German medical equipment manufacturer, in charge of order management for medical equipment and contributing to system integration as a project leader. Later he joined world’s top sports company and managed supply chain unification for Japanese stores, taking part in the planning of global projects and establishing numerous new projects inside Japan.
Iguchi has been close to art though out his life and he loves collecting artworks all over the world. His passion to art made him realized that art industries in the world are open when Japanese art is closed-off. There are so many talented artists in Japan who haven’t been discovered in the world yet. He wanted to create a platform to provide a comprehensive service and solutions of connecting Japanese art to the world by solving issues regarding the international barries, which lead him to establish TRiCERA on November, 2018.

Company Registration

TRiCERA, Inc. is committed to achieving the high quality standards and pursues applicable industry certifications. TRiCERA, Inc. has been certified for the following below;

National Tax Agency : Corporate Number 0300-01-128103
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Comission: 301031904165 (certified as Art Dealer)

TRiCERA's 3 Strengths

Promising Artists, all chosen by art
We list high-quality art and craftwork, all chosen by our experienced art advisors. Also, we have successfully partnered with Japan’s greatest artists, who have previously struggled to have their works shown abroad. We ensure that they will soon be the leading Japanese artists of the future.
All original with certification of authenticity
Artworks curated by our experienced art advisors are all original, and it will come with the certificate of authenticity when delivered to your door.
High-Quality Delivery Services
We provide safe delivery and excellent customer service to ensure seamless and convenient purchasing through our partnership with a major international courier.