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We can make a change in artists’ careers by opening up new markets and standardizing the idea of “overseas with TRiCERA.” Artists can now access a wider audience and broaden their opportunities and possibilities.

We hope artists will take advantage of TRiCERA and challenge various opportunities. By spreading the Japanese art and craft industry on a global scale, we hope people will get a deeper understanding into Japanese culture. The artists and creators listed in TRiCERA produce their work with passion and express their message to help change the world.

TRiCERA members and art advisors carefully select artists to be listed on our website.We manage all processes regarding sales, including marketing, shipping, and customer service. We consider how artists can best sell their work, and we work to improve our processes and to meet demands in order to support artists in the most effective way possible.

TRiCERA is the only platform that enables artist to sell their valuable work safely to anywhere in the world.
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TRiCERA's Services for Artists

Marketing & PR
・Strong Brand Strategy using SNS, Advertisement, Blog, etc.
・Consultation for Sales Overseas by Experienced Art Advisors
・High Quality and Simplified Delivery Service
・Eliminate Inconvenience of Translation, Custom Clearance, and Customer Support
Building Trust between Artists & Consumers
・Online Delivery Status Updates
・Shipping Insurance
・Certificate of Authenticity

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