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TRiCERA ART features 34,244 artworks by young artists from over 80 countries. You can find a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, photography, sculptures and more in our online gallery. New artworks added daily, the authenticity of all artworks is guaranteed, and free worldwide shipping is available.
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We can make a change in artist’s careers by opening up new markets and standardizing the idea of
“Overseas with TRiCERA.”
By joining the TRiCERA ART platform, you will be exposed to audience worldwide to expand your opportunities and possibilities.
Artist Registration

We hope artists will take advantage of TRiCERA and challenge various opportunities. By spreading the Japanese art and craft industry on a global scale, we hope people will get a deeper understanding into Japanese culture. The artists and creators listed in TRiCERA produce their work with passion and express their message to help change the world.

TRiCERA members and art advisors carefully select artists to be listed on our website.We manage all processes regarding sales, including marketing, shipping, and customer service. We consider how artists can best sell their work, and we work to improve our processes and to meet demands in order to support artists in the most effective way possible.

TRiCERA is the only platform that enables artist to sell their valuable work safely to anywhere in the world..

Application process

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1.Register to TRiCERA

Please click the button below to apply now.
We review your portfolio registered to see potential and recognition as an artist.
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2.Create YOUR artist page

If your application was successful, we will notify you by email along with the details to upload your work to our system.
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You are able to create your Artist page as a portfolio. We will support you through the process.
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3.Start Selling Globally

Start uploading your works by using our system.
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Your artworks will be exposed to globally. Certificate of Authenticity is provided and shipping fee will be covered by us.

What documents do I need to prepare before applying?

Please prepare the following two items when you apply.
1) Your profile or history of your activities as an artist.
2) Several photographs of the work you are considering submitting (limits; up to 5 works; 20MB or less per picture) or other documents such as a portfolio that showcases your works.
Otherwise, there are no specified formats or specifications for the documents to be submitted.

What kind of artists and artworks does TRiCERA accept?

TRiCERA is a good fit for contemporary art artists who work in the following mediums such as, paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, photography, media arts, mixed media, 3D work, and other original artworks. Some exceptions on exhibition may be applied for some items, for example, postcards and other commodities, and handicrafts.

What is TRiCERA’s selection criteria?

We are committed to providing more support available to the artists who join us.
That is why our selection panel, which consists of internal contemporary art specialists and external advisors, carefully screen all the applications.
Specifically, these are the agendas in our criteria.
We assess your
1) Quality of the artwork.
2) Level of skills and knowledge of art.
3) Approach to art.

We will contact you within a week after the screening to inform you about the next steps and the official registration.

When will I know my result?

You will be notified of the result within a week after the selection process, along with information about the next steps and the official registration.

Will there be any charges?

There are NO registration fees, listing fees, monthly fees, or any other fees to be charged.
When your items are sold, we will only deduct our sales commission from the sale price of the item.
In case a payment/ settlement fee is incurred, it will be charged separately.

Is there a contract period?

Because our services and products are designed with the concept of 'artist first', we do not have any other contracts or contract periods than the Terms of Use that you agree on, in order not to restrict your artist activities.
Also, there are no penalties for cancellation of listings or withdrawal of membership.
Of course, you can freely choose the length of time that your items will be posted.

Can I list my items on other galleries and E-Commerce websites?

Of course! You can also list your items with other galleries, marketplaces such as E-Commerce, exhibitions and fairs, or any other type of exhibition.
There are no penalties for selling them at other companies, either.

Are there any restrictions on the work to be exhibited, for example, the size, materials, methods, contents, prices, etc. ?

There are no restrictions on the artworks that can be published.
However, some items and commodities such as postcards, art books, handmade accessories, handicrafts, and items with food may be refrained from being exhibited.

Do I need to prepare a frame?

It is not required to frame your artwork. In fact, many of the customers who purchase the artworks want to frame them by themselves. Please feel free to decide, whether with a frame or not, depending on the work you are submitting.

Can I sell digital art and other prints?

Yes, you can.
We have the following arrangements made for the output at the time of delivery.
1) If TRiCERA prints the artwork, we will deduct the cost of printing as well as the sales commission from the price sold, when we pay to the artist.
2) If the artist prints the work themselves, the above does not apply.
Also, we are asking artists to inform us of the availability of editions.

What do I need to do for listing?

Please follow these 4 steps*.
1) Fill out the questionnaire, which will be used for the artist introduction on our website.
2) Fill out the artwork information on the designated form we provide.
3) Share pictures of your artwork on the designated form.
4) Contact us after completion.
*As of May 21, 2020.
In a few months, we are planning to renew the system to one that allows artists to edit by themselves.

Do I have to submit my documents and information in English?

English is recommended and preferred. But if you have any concerns, you can submit in the language that is convenient for you.

What should I do if I want to replace or delete the listed items that are posted?

Please follow these 3 steps for the additional listings.
1) Fill out the artwork information on the designated form we provide.
2) Share pictures of your artwork on the designated form.
3) Contact us after completion.
Please contact us if you wish to withdraw your work from the list.
*As of May 21, 2020.
In a few months, we are planning to renew the system to one that allows artists to edit by themselves.

Can I list the same items that are already listed on other galleries and E-Commerce websites?
Also, what should I do if the item is sold elsewhere?

Of course! You can also list your items with other galleries, marketplaces such as E-Commerce, exhibitions and fairs, or any other type of exhibition.
Also, please let us know in case you have sold an item elsewhere. We will state on our EC website as 'sold' without delay.

How long does it take to be posted?

It usually takes between 1 week and 10 days.
However, it may take a couple of weeks for the current time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you deliver my artwork after it is sold?

Our team of experts in the logistics industry will take care of the shipping and delivery system in the following steps.
We will
1) Confirm the payment from the purchaser and then request you to pack the item.
2) Prepare and schedule the pickup.
3) Come and pick up the item at your place.
4) Send it to the purchaser from us.

I am storing my artwork elsewhere, how do I ship it?

We can come and pick up your item anywhere in the world regardless of country or region, with a few exceptions.
After your artwork is sold, a delivery company will come to your home or storage location as your preference.

Do I need to pack the artwork?

Yes, please note that we are asking you to prepare the packaging for the item.
Please be sure to pack it carefully as it will be delivered to the purchaser as is.

Do I need to arrange the shipping?

No. We will arrange the shipping.
We will ask your cooperation for only these 3 steps.
1) Receive and print out the invoice data sent by us.
2) Pack the item.
3) Give it to the delivery company at the scheduled pickup date and time.

Who pays for the shipping and delivery?

We pay for the shipping and delivery.

Is there insurance for my artwork during transport?

Yes, the insurance is applied during transport.

What happens if the purchaser returns the item?

The artwork will be sent back to us for inspection first, and it will be returned to you.
If we have already paid you for the item, we will request a refund.

How long is the return period?

There is a maximum date of 45 days from the time it is shipped from the artist to the purchaser.

I want to know about the copyright of my work.

The artists own the copyrights until 50 years after their death.

What is the process of money paid to artists?

Once your item is sold, we will receive the sale price from the purchaser. Then the amount minus the sales commission will be paid to you.
We will deduct only our sales commission from the sale price of the item.
Please note that when we are responsible for the printing cost of a print, the printing cost may be deducted in addition to the sales commission.

When will I be paid after sales?

We make the payment at the end of the following month of which the sold item has been shipped to the purchaser.
Ex) Shipped out on May 17th → Our payment will be June 30th

How will I be paid after sales?

We can pay by bank transfer for artist based in Japan and Paypal for artist based in outside of Japan.

About multilingual support

We can translate into 9 languages on our E-Commerce website.
The English language is preferred for contacting and providing information to us. But if you have any concerns, you can contact us in the language that is convenient for you.

What are the benefits of joining TRiCERA?

We not only sell your artworks but also offer our artists so much more to promote you and your artworks to a broader audience!
For example, we provide international marketing, information release on SNS, PR advertisements, opportunities to participate in events held by TRiCERA, tie-ups with media, and so on.

Is it possible to exhibit in the TRiCERA’s space?

At TRiCERA, we hold solo and group exhibitions at the TRiCERA Museum, which is located a 5-minute walk from Shinagawa, Tokyo.
In some cases, we will ask the artists to participate in the exhibition.

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Marketing & PR

・Opportunities for exposure globally through our media and newsletters.
・Consultations with experienced Art Advisors to market your artworks worldwide.
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・High Quality and Simplified Delivery Service
・Eliminate Inconvenience of Translation, Custom Clearance, and Customer Support
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Building Trust between Artists & Consumers

・Online Delivery Status Updates
・Shipping Insurance
・Certificate of Authenticity