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Return Policy

Cancellation, Returns, etc. by customers

A) COMPANY may refuse deals of products in the time during establishing a sales agreement after filing a process set forth in clause 2 section E.

B) COMPANY may terminate sales agreements notifying customers the following cases that customers apply.

  • I. Customers prove to be violating this terms and conditions or have risk of it.
  • II. COMPANY confirms no payment until the due date specified by COMPANY. (Including a case that customer request of credit cards is not approved.)
  • III. Delivery is difficult in cases such as out of stock of the products or out of the service area that customers live or specified.
  • IV. Customers deny the receipt of products.
  • V. Customers violate the section 13 “Prohibitions”
  • VI. Customers are applied or applying to be any of the following insolvent, commencing special liquidation, commencing civil rehabilitation or company rehabilitation.
  • VII. Customers are seized(distraint), provisional seized, in provisional disposition, in complaints of petition, in compulsory execution, or have deposition for failure to pay taxes or public dues by third parties.
  • VIII. COMPANY determines necessity to cancel the sale and purchase agreement with customers

C) COMPANY will NOT bear any responsibility even if any damage or disadvantage arises to customers due to failure of the sales contract under paragraph A of this section or the cancellation of the sales agreement under the preceding paragraph.

Cancellation, Returns, etc. by customers

A) After applying for purchasing to COMPANY, customers can cancel the application free of charge until the status of the purchase history changes to 'Order Confirmed'

B) If the following cases (hereinafter, 'Deficiencies') are recognized for the products COMPANY has shipped to the customer, COMPANY will return the products or exchange (hereinafter, 'Return').

  • I. When products which customers have not purchased has been sent.
  • II. When the product condition described in MARKETS differs from the actual product sent by COMPANY.

C) COMPANY shall respond to the exchange only in cases which COMPANY holds the same type and the quantity of products in inventory as the product for which the customer has applied to purchase.

D) If there is no stock or there is a shortage, COMPANY responds by return regardless of customer's choice.

E) Customers who wish to Return the products, if there are any Deficiencies in the products, shall notify COMPANY by the method specified by COMPANY within 48 hours after the arrival of the products, and apply for Returning the products within 14 days (the day of arrival of products is defined as the first day (hereinafter, 'the First Day of Arrival')).

F) If COMPANY can confirm the product return to our company by the 21st day from the First Day of Arrival and COMPANY can confirm the Deficiencies for the product of which the customer made application for Returns, COMPANY informs you that COMPANY will accept Returns. COMPANY will bear the cost of Return etc. in this case.

G) In addition to practicing the procedures set forth in paragraph C and the preceding paragraph, if Customers do NOT satisfy all of the following conditions, COMPANY may not accept requests for Returns etc. after shipment of products. With respect to the fact that Customers cannot fulfill the conditions specified in this section, Customers cannot claim any objection on COMPANY's response to the requests of Returns unless there are reasonable and just reasons.

  • I. The products are not opened or completely new.
  • II. After receipt of products, breakage of products etc. by Customers is not recognized. However, even when the product is broken at the time of receipt of the product, if it is obvious that the cause is the intent or negligence of the carrier at the time of delivery of the product to the location designated by the customer, COMPANY accepts Returns.
  • III. All the packing materials are preserved, available enough to protect the products again.
  • IV. The products are packed same as the time when the customers received the carton or sufficiently.
  • V. All the documents and other items are preserved and available to return without lacking.
  • VI. All the conditions of this section are confirmed with the methods specified by COMPANY and approved by COMPANY.

H) When accepting the exchange of products, COMPANY ships the same type and quantity of products (hereinafter, 'Replacement Item') at its expense as the product which the customer applied for purchase, promptly after COMPANY notifies Customers as in paragraph D, to the place designated by the customer as the delivery destination at the time of purchase. Ownership of products (hereinafter, 'Returned products') which COMPANY received for Deficiencies will be transferred from the customer to COMPANY at the time COMPANY shipped Replacement Item. Paragraph B of section 4, for transfer of ownership of the replacement product and this section for the incompleteness of Replacement Item shall apply mutatis mutandis respectively.

I) In the event that we are unable to accept Customers' requests for Returns etc, COMPANY will promptly notify the customer that COMPANY will not be able to accept the request, and at the same time COMPANY will ship Returned item to the place specified as the delivery destination at the time of purchase at the customer's expense. The customer is responsible for the risk of damage or loss of Returned items not attributable to our company but other accidents during delivery.

J) If COMPANY is unable to accept Returns of products that Customers applied, depending on our judgment, COMPANY may accept the restoration or repair regarding the abnormality of the product state. The details of expenses, method and timing of state restoration or repair shall be determined by discussions.


A) If Customers choose to return products, COMPANY may refund after inspection of the returns through COMPANY's specified method.

B) If any problem accountable for customers is found, COMPANY may refund the amount of difference between the price paid and the amount necessary for recovery and return of it.

C) COMPANY will refund by the methods depending on the payment methods the customer used.

D) If the customer fails to provide the account information for the transfer by the deadline specified by COMPANY, or if the transfer cannot be made due to mistaken account information. COMPANY shall NOT bear the late charge or other charges due to delay at all.