Arranging flowers Arranging flowers Arranging flowers Arranging flowers

Arranging flowers

H 116.7cm x W 72.7cm x D 3cm

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Arranged the flower and the white space in the picture.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting with Charcoal

  • Support


  • Edition

Artist Information

Haruko Nagata

 Haruko Nagata hopes that her viewers feel the vitality of flowers, its transient life, and its invisible breathing. She studied sculpture under Hiromori Kuwahara at Joshibi University of Art and Design. He taught her not only about sculpture but also about Japanese culture as a whole. Also, her teacher advised her to practice painting, and this was the beginning of her painting career. The knowledge and skills she learned from sculpture help to construct spatial perception in her paintings. She paints her works as if she is breathing with flowers, which allows her to experience the smell, sounds, temperature, colors, and existence of the flowers. Nagata is attempting to leave an impression on the viewers that we are all alive.

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