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Natasha Pilipo


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3D Cubes are mixed media concept created by Natasha Pilipo. They take elements of sculpture, photography, painting, collage and mosaic and join them together in a completely innovative art form.
Photos are printed on canvas, precisely cut and assembled on wooden cubes. All together is painted over and later retouched.
Natasha Pilipo studied Philosophy at University in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her love affair with still and moving pictures has started 30 years ago when she has acquired her first camera and it has never stopped since.Natasha was involved in huge variety of activities behind camera as freelance artist, commissioned photographer and producer.

Later exhibition activities:

2019: Fundacion Frax, Albir, Espana
2018: Museo de Arte, Tolox, Espana
2018: Art Tolox, Espana
2017: Nidart Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico
2016: Festival of Happiness, Movie project "Viviendo Mexico", Mexico City
2016: Museo Arquelogico de Mazatlan, Mexico
2015: Museo de Arte, Mazatlan, Mexico
2014: Look Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico
2013: International House, Mexico City, Mexico
2012: Al Mondo Galleria D’Arte, Trieste, Italy
2011: Tir, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
2010: Gallery Sloart, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Cross Winds

    Cross Winds

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Autum Fields

    Autum Fields

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Orange Dream

    Orange Dream

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Rapsody in Blue

    Rapsody in Blue

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Loving Green

    Loving Green

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Sunset


    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Poison


    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • What a Day

    What a Day

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • My Way

    My Way

    36 x 36 cm / Sold Out

  • Mirror


    36 x 36 cm / Sold Out

  • Breakfast at Tiffany

    Breakfast at Tiffany

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Orange Memories

    Orange Memories

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00

  • Bloody Work

    Bloody Work

    36 x 36 cm / USD 273.00