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Garbage Art Seoul

South Korea

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Exposing the importance in the disregarded garbage I find is my aim. The invisible force dragging us along our daily life, must be resisted. Beauty can be found by looking down. If I can inspire even one other human being with my repurposing of garbage, it will grow and spread. Inspiration is there; we just need find it.
Garbage Art
We as a world entering 2020 need to start seeing environmental problems with a macro lens. the term "global" has rendered society passive. Scales and magnitudes of issues have grown with the use of social media outlets. these warnings have become so immense that individual people become overwhelmed. unable to cure the world of its illnesses, individuals become defeated.
the global concept needs to be paired down to a local concept. a panoramic viewpoint must be sectioned off. The air, the land, and the sea must be approached as my towns air, my cities land, my county's water. We ought not to wait around for governments to make new laws. We must first follow the laws already in place. Simple steps toward a visual positive impact on our environment. Each individual is presented with a mix of issues. Each town, city, and country faces problems unique to itself. This is the power of collective society. Facing separate issues as one world. Together as these issues are solved locally, we will begin to eradicate them globally.
This is why I started Garbage Art. Bringing to light the dumping and littering issues here in Seoul, Korea through beauty. Slowing the pace of life down in order to see the little things around us. I also saw how the natural beauty that already existed was being destroyed by garbage. Too busy and too concerned with self economics, are slowly losing the remainder of the natural beauty here in Seoul. I take their garbage and make it beautiful in hope of one day saving the beauty that’s being covered up. It's always been there, we just need to find.
The importance in the unimportant, the disregarded, in the garbage is what I try to find. If we resist the invisible force dragging us along in daily life, the beauty can be found, the inspiration does exist, even in garbage. If I can inspire even one other human being with my observations and repurposing of garbage, then they too can inspire another. My hope is that inspiration will grow and spread. It's always been there, it will always be there, we just need to find the time to realize it.


  • Face


    206.4 x 142.9 cm / USD 150.00

  • Floppy


    154.7 x 136.9 cm / USD 145.00

  • End


    190.5 x 127 cm / USD 150.00

  • Globe


    142.9 x 142.1 cm / USD 200.00

  • Goggles


    222.3 x 158.8 cm / USD 130.00

  • Handfan


    47.6 x 47.6 cm / USD 120.00

  • Farmer


    206.4 x 158.8 cm / USD 175.00

  • Holes


    182.6 x 127 cm / USD 150.00

  • Japan


    190.5 x 127 cm / USD 150.00

  • LP


    190.5 x 190.5 cm / USD 145.00

  • Meter


    158.8 x 158.8 cm / USD 150.00

  • Galaxies


    190.5 x 127 cm / USD 160.00

  • Flower


    158.8 x 146.7 cm / USD 150.00

  • Hangul


    120 x 90 cm / USD 120.00

  • Poptop


    127 x 127 cm / USD 130.00

  • Screwed


    186.5 x 117.1 cm / USD 150.00

  • Outerspace


    158.8 x 158.8 cm / USD 170.00

  • 80's


    285.8 x 190.5 cm / USD 190.00

  • UFO


    142.9 x 142.9 cm / USD 165.00

  • Fused


    190.5 x 158.8 cm / USD 155.00

  • Torture


    190.5 x 190.5 cm / USD 170.00

  • Yellow


    181.5 x 190.5 cm / USD 120.00

  • Tiger


    222.3 x 163.4 cm / USD 140.00

  • Zen


    71.5 x 51.9 cm / USD 140.00

  • Floral


    79.2 x 53 cm / USD 130.00

  • E-Waste


    79.2 x 53 cm / USD 130.00

  • A Life in Garbage

    A Life in Garbage

    79.2 x 53 cm / USD 120.00