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鵜飼 ゆみ

Yumi Ukai


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Yumi Ukai said: "Draw a kind of painting like a diary." The authors like to examine the patterns of oceans, vehicles, and vehicles in a flat perspective, combining daily landscapes and creative combinations to create fantastic visual images. The author studied at the Tama Art University, the most famous art university in Tokyo. When he talked about the attraction of art creation, he believed that art works are not only a link to establish a sense of commonality with the viewers, but also express their own mood and release immediate emotions. the way. As the role of the diary, it presents the current thinking. Ukai originally portrays a humorous worldview that transcends reality. In the future, he incorporates the spirit of entertainment into his work.
2012 Tea Party on the Eve of the Revolution", a group exhibition in 2012 (Nagoya)
2017 Large Group Exhibition "KENZAN2017" (Futakotamagawa)
2018 Participated in the large group exhibition "KENZAN2018
2018 "Art Parade" (Nagoya)
2018 "Power of Art Puchi" (Shinjuku)
2018 "Tile Art Exhibition", Ginza, Tokyo
2018 Solo exhibition "April Pool" (Ginza)


  • Unseparatable date

    Unseparatable date

    162 x 194 cm / USD 7,273.00

  • Yamada family

    Yamada family

    18 x 18 cm / Sold Out

  • Ueda family

    Ueda family

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Ninja's sky

    Ninja's sky

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Kawasaki gangs

    Kawasaki gangs

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Drone walk

    Drone walk

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Water slider

    Water slider

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Fish cake factory

    Fish cake factory

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • A well

    A well

    18 x 18 cm / USD 273.00

  • Washing


    18 x 18 cm / Sold Out