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"I'm a French artist based in Paris, who works on visual connections between dreams, nightmares, and reality. The usage of color ink in my paintings is really important. It allows the superposition of shapes, illusion of movements, adds some extra colors, and creates the strength of dynamic composition. I've been influenced by the great artists from the Symbolism period: Odilon Redon, Mikhaïl Vroubel, Gustave Moreau, Arnold Böcklin, and Fernand Khnopff (to name a few). The main topics you can find in my artworks are all about religion, the afterlife, science fiction even politics sometimes.
I also make prints by using photographs of my own body and nature through different filters, lights, framings.
The angles and tricks I use allow me to create landscapes, visual narration through scenes that involve multiple characters, a parallel universe.
This is a vision of an oniric world with different codes, that involve elements from the real world. "


I'm a French artist based in Paris, who works on visual connections between dreams, nightmares and reality. The spirit madness takes over the canvas.
Exclusive artworks can be prints, or paintings.

My education:
- Master degree in Aesthetic and Contemporary Art theory in Paris 8 University
- Master degree in Education of Art in Paris 1 Sorbonne University

My exhibitions:
- exhibition at the "Salon des Arts et du Multimedia de Pontoise" in November 2019
- exhibition in the club "Mirano" at Pigalles, Paris, in February 2020
- exhibition at the parisian park "Le Parc Floral" in September 2020


  • Ecce Homo

    Ecce Homo

    95 x 33 cm / USD 1,600.00

  • Overthinking


    45 x 30 cm / USD 250.00

  • Nevidebla Malsano

    Nevidebla Malsano

    61 x 50 cm / USD 700.00

  • Injuried Woman

    Injuried Woman

    40.5 x 30.5 cm / USD 300.00

  • Delivrance


    50 x 50 cm / USD 500.00

  • Anger


    60 x 44.5 cm / USD 200.00

  • Data Glitch

    Data Glitch

    50 x 50 cm / USD 200.00

  • Killshot


    49 x 49 cm / USD 180.00

  • Interior Ocean

    Interior Ocean

    50 x 38 cm / USD 200.00

  • Schizo


    60 x 50 cm / USD 240.00

  • Signature


    73 x 60 cm / USD 500.00

  • The Soul Keeper

    The Soul Keeper

    NFT Artwork

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