Everything is one

Everything is one

H 165cm x W 133cm x D 4cm

USD 9,091.00





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  • Style

    Japanese Painting with Mineral Pigment

  • Support

    Japanese Paper Washi

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

In order to bring out the beauty of rock paints, only natural rock paints are used. The hair sparkles as it uses rock black made from azurite, malachite, and cinnabar. The accessories the woman wears were painted with a powder called gofun and then completed with the use of a gold mud. The moon depicted on the back is pasted with a silver foil and painted over and over again. Beniko Choji drew it under the theme of the wish that there is always guidance on the way to go and there will always be a time when it seems that all the events that have occurred so far have been for this reasons. From the contour line, she was particular about drawing the line carefully with a wish for each hair one by one and also the importance of transparency.

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