H 91cm x W 91cm x D 3cm

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  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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    Original Artworks

This work is based on Nojima in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama. The images I perceived at that location were replaced with simplified forms, colors, and paint textures and placed on the canvas. On this screen are Nojima, Hiragata Bay, Nojima reflected on the sea surface, seagulls, spiral road leading to Nojima Observatory, Yusho Bridge, concrete road, iron fence, etc. The components arranged on the screen are simplified so that the viewer cannot recognize the name. The aim is to lose the story by losing the name from the painting and to induce consciousness in the structure of the painting. In composing the composition of the screen, I refer to Picasso's "three musicians". Quoting compositions from classical works in composing screens is a technique that painters have often used since ancient times, but this work is present in the collective imagination through the visual images that viewers perceive from this work. There are also attempts to share common images. When I create paintings, I refer to Western painting methods after modern art. The aim is to reflect modern sensations and experiences in paintings based on the tradition of painting. Acrylic paint is used for the canvas. The reason for using acrylic paint is that it is relatively durable and various media are being developed, so it is possible to create various textures, which gives you more freedom in creating screens is. If it is exhibited and stored in an appropriate environment, it will have the same durability as works painted with ordinary acrylic paint. (Perhaps it will not deteriorate for 50 years.) Since each component is carefully considered and drawn, it took about 3 weeks to produce. The signature, production year and title are written on the back of the canvas.

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