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Open the door

27cm x 18cm x 3cm






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A painting combining three pieces into one. Each piece is the same size as tatami mat which is about 86cm x 180cm. After painting gesso and modeling paint as base, Junko Hinata layered crayon, oil-pastel, acrylic paints, and gesso multiple times. There are colors and strokes that can no longer be seen, but all of them exist as the energy in deep part of the soul. Everyone is connected in the deepest part of the soul and everyone can open the new door.

  • Style


  • Material

    Mixed Media

  • Support

    Wooden panel

"Junko Hinata creates art based on her intuition and lets her hand draw without any control. She had drawn her artworks with oil pastel and crayon for 10 years. In recent years, she started to add on the new tools, acrylic paint, and gesso in her artworks. By layer the colors and different materials, she successfully creates a new impression in her artworks. She defines all the substances, souls and creatures are all builded from energy. Through her art, she tries to express the power of the soul from deep part of herself. She hopes people can connected to the original place of soul through her artworks. Please enjoy. "

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