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Lighting Bamboo

24.2cm x 33.3cm x 3cm






This artwork is inspired by the Japanese tale, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. The bamboo cutter finds baboo lighting in the forest which gives birth the Princess Kaguya. Still, she will go back to the moon at the end of the story. this is the tale that most of the Japanese familiar with. Yukimi used a dynamic color to represent the story. Yukimi tries to make the moment of enjoying listening to a fairy tale read by parents.

  • Style

    oil painting

  • Material


  • Support

Artist Information


"YUKIMI, started to draw for 45 years and create art as a professional artist for 25 years. She has never given up her dream which is to expend her artworks to not just in Japan but also global since she decided to become an artist. She always tries to challenge to new styles of art and explore the new idea such as different cultures and countries to expend the variation of her vision. Besides that, she also creates small goods which are cheaper than artwork and also affordable. She hopes her artworks can be a friend who you like to have a small talks in your daily life. "

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