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100cm x 80.3cm x 3cm






Moon peering through the pine trees using acrylic paint and ink.

  • Style


  • Material


  • Support

    Wooden panel

Artist Information

Tomomi Watanabe

“All things consist of tiny particles. These particles have their own intentions and form into the figures they are supposed to be. I paint that energy.” Watanabe's abstract work makes the viewers feel mysterious energy. The power of her paintings makes the viewers feel as if they are in outer space or the deep sea and give us a sense of ease and protection. She has also mastered painting with Japanese ink, which added remarkable deepness to her artwork. Combining this painting method and acrylic paints enabled her to invent a new visual representation of what she really wanted to paint - the energy of light particles. Watanabe's paintings which represent the particles of light is highly praised by a physicist in Japan.

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