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72.7cm x 60.6cm x 2.3cm






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Acrylic painting created with just dots. Nozomi Yutani expressed the presence of the object by using something other than a realism painting or photograph which lead her to use dots. The idea of adding up the dots is like 'forming' a concept in this scene throughout the process. She strongly wanted to express 'forming' and 'presence' so she was very precise about the space between each dots and also when layering the dots as well. Acrylic and gouache are used to create the density of dots.

  • Style

    Acrylic paint

  • Material

    Mixed Media

  • Support


Nozomi Yutani is an artist specializing in dot painting. While creating her art, she thinks about how her favorite things can be depicted and expressed in a way that people can understand. Her carefully constructed thorough work and vivid colors are the unique characteristics of her work. She meticulously draws each dot and places them in a particular way to create a neat and organized piece. The most difficult part about her art is that it requires many hours to complete each piece as she has to draw each and individual dot. She would like to continue with his current dotting technique but also challenge herself to try other techniques in the future. She plans to combine her current technique with drawing to create her own unique art.

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