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TRiCERA ART features 30,606 artworks by young artists from over 80 countries. You can find a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, photography, sculptures and more in our online gallery. New artworks added daily, the authenticity of all artworks is guaranteed, and free worldwide shipping is available.


TRiCERA NFT Art is a non-fungible token (NFT) for digital art selected by TRiCERA, making it possible to purchase digital art that was previously difficult to prove authorship or ownership due to copying or illegal downloading. The purchase is made on the Ethereum platform.
TRiCERA uses Metamask on the Ethereum platform for cryptocurrency payment.

At each of the NFT Artwork page, you will see the buttons Buy Now and Place Bid. To place a bid, click on the Place Bid button. Here are the instructions for bidding;

  1. 1. Clicking the Place Bid button will take you to the bidding page in zora.
  2. 2. On the bidding page, Click 'Place Bid' If you place the first bid, the bid must exceed or meet the reserve price set by the creator. If the reserve price has already been met, all subsequent bids must exceed the current bid by 5%.
  3. 3. Once the Reserve price has been met, the 24-hour countdown begins.
  4. 4. After you place your bid, your connected wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction and pay a gas fee to complete the process. The funds will then be taken out of your wallet and placed in escrow in our smart contract. If you’re outbid, funds will be returned back into your connected wallet.
  5. If you need more details, you can browse the zora documentation. For more information, please refer to Zora’s official FAQ pages on how to resell your art on Zora.
    How to place a bid?

Currently, TRiCERA allows you to re-list your art on the NFT art platform Zora ( For more information, please refer to Zora’s official FAQ pages on how to resell your art on Zora.

  1. Method 1) Set a List Price
  2. Method 2) Set a Reserve Price

Method 1) Set a List Price.

Collectors can decide to keep their active bids on the NFT or choose to remove their bid at any time.

If the reserve price is higher than any of the bids, collectors can choose to match the reserve price which will trigger the 24-hour auction.

Method 2) Set a Reserve Price.

The reserve price is the minimum price at which an item may be sold. If a bid is placed at the reserve price, the auction will run for the next 24 hours and the highest bidder will win the auction within 24 hours.

However, if a higher bid is received between 15 minutes before the end of the auction and the end of the auction, the end time will be extended by 15 minutes. The auction will be extended again and again by an automatic extension function if a higher bid is placed in the last 15 minutes before the end of the auction.