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Privacy Policy

TRiCERA, Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) establishes the following privacy policy (hereinafter “the Policy”) regarding the handling of private information for the service the Company provides on the Company’s website (hereinafter “the Service”).
Privacy Policy The Company establishes the following privacy policy to build a personal information protection mechanism and promote personal information protection by raising awareness of personal information protection among all employees and addressing this matter thoroughly.
Personal Information Management The Company manages personal information following strict safety measures, keeping security and management systems in place, and providing thorough training to employees among other necessary measures to ensure that customers’ personal information is accurate and up to date, and to prevent this information from being accessed without authorization, lost, damaged, altered or disclosed.
Purpose of Using Personal Information Private information such as the customer’s name, email address and phone number may be registered when customers make inquiries on the Company’s website. The Company uses the personal information registered by customers for the purposes of sending emails and materials when contacting customers, offering information about services and answering questions. The Company will not use the personal information for purposes other than the above.
About the Use of Google Analytics The Company uses Google Analytics to understand how its website is utilized. Google Analytics collects access information without identifying individuals. Google Analytics’ collection and usage methods are determined by the Google Analytics Service. About the Use of Cookies The Company uses Cookies on certain pages to provide functions needed to use the Company’s website. No data used to identify individuals will be processed with Cookies. You can disable the use of Cookies on your browser’s settings, but certain functions of the Company’s website will not be available.
Prohibition to Disclose or Provide Personal Information to Third Parties The Company will properly manage the personal information provided by customers and not disclose it to any third parties except in the following cases:

・With the customer’s consent
・When needed by a contractor to provide a service requested by the customer
・When disclosure is legally required
Personal Information Safety Measures We have strict security measures in place to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.


TRiCERA is a marketplace to introduced the works of Japanese artists to overseas markets. We solve the problems of language barriers and complex overseas delivery services in order to connect Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

We provide safe delivery and excellent customer service to ensure quality and seamless, convenient purchasing. We have built a partnership with a major courier so that all valuable artwork can be delivered as safely as possible. The courier also provides an option to receive notification via SMS and e-mail to check the status of the delivery.

TRiCERA is the only platform in which both the artists and buyers can trust. Thorough information about each art work is provided on our website.We offer full support for inquiries in Japanese, Chinese, and English.

TRiCERA's Three Strengths
Promising Artists, all chosen by art
We list high-quality art and craftwork, all chosen by our experienced art advisors. Also, we have successfully partnered with Japan’s greatest artists, who have previously struggled to have their works shown abroad. We ensure that they will soon be the leading Japanese artists of the future.
All-in-One Prices, Including VAT, Tax and Other Fees
“Simplicity” is important when purchasing artwork. We charge only one fee, including all the costs such as VAT, import duties and other required fees. No additional separate payments will be charged.
High-Quality Delivery Services
We provide safe delivery and excellent customer service to ensure seamless and convenient purchasing through our partnership with a major international courier.