Telephone line Telephone line Telephone line

Telephone line

H 72.8cm x W 103cm x D 3cm

USD 14,545.00





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  • Style

    Pencil Drawing

  • Support

    Watson Paper on Wooden Panel

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This work is created with influence of the following key words : "Anxious" "City without lights" "Connection" "Kindness" There was earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku which was one of the biggest undersea megathrust earthquake happened off the coast of Japan. Keisuke Tsuchida was not in the epicenter of the earthquake however, a lot of people who was not in the epicenter rushed to buy up all the food in stock just in case. He felt diappointed to all of these people on his way back home at night, and also felt anxious at the same time in the pitch dark room without light since most areas were on a power save restriction. But at the same time, a lot of people who weren't close contacted to see everything was okay which made his heart warm. The message sent is just a data but it also gives the 'light' of hope and caring to the other as well. This is something that he re-recognized especially because of the situation that he was in at that time. This work is created to express that important things around us human being is not something that stands out all the time but also is very touching and can move other's heart.

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