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RYU focuses mainly on moments on the street, architecture, landscapes, and people in his photography works. He hopes to influence people and to improve society through his photography.

RYU looks back on his artistic journey.
“When I lived in Canada, I travelled to various countries with cameras and took street photos.
I was exposed to various cultures and people and those experiences greatly influenced my view of life and photography because Japan was the only thing I knew before.
I exhibited pictures taken in Japan at an art exhibition held in Toronto, Canada. There were and many people gave me great feedback and bought my pictures. That is the moment I realized the power of my pictures.
Immediately after returning to Japan, I attended an event by a Japanese photographer Herbie Yamaguchi. His words really talked to me, ‘I want to make people happy and want to improve society. This is why I take pictures.’ It influenced me very much.”
He bought his first camera in 2017 and started photography.
In 2018 and 2019, I lived in Canada and traveled to various countries with my camera.
Returned to Japan in October 2019 and now working as a photographer based in Osaka.


  • My Lisbon

    My Lisbon

    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 272.00

  • Next step

    Next step

    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 272.00

  • Floating Torii Gate

    Floating Torii Gate

    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 272.00

  • Blue Jellyfish

    Blue Jellyfish

    43 x 29.7 cm / USD 272.00

  • Osaka Castle

    Osaka Castle

    43 x 29.7 cm / USD 272.00

  • Chill


    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 273.00

  • Daruma


    42 x 29.7 cm / USD 273.00