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上床 加奈

Uwatoko Kana


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Kana Uwatoko likes to draw youkai (Japanese monster) and imaginary creatures in her artwork. She was graduated from art school with the dream of becoming an artist. During school life, she was aiming to be an illustrator, but after leaning art and joining the school activities she decided to become an artist.
She likes the artists Akira Yamaguchi and Hisashi Tenmyouya and influenced by Japanese culture, ‘Wa’ such as the Illustrated book of Youkai, Japanese painting, and decoration of Japanese temple.
She always imaging scary and cut youkai and drew them out in her artworks and hope to improve her art skill in order to create more interesting artworks in the future.
1995 Born in Kagoshima Prefecture
2016 Graduated from Nihon Designer Gakuin Kyushu School


  • Beowulf


    51.5 x 72.8 cm / Sold Out

  • Artifact Spirit

    Artifact Spirit

    51.5 x 36.4 cm / Sold Out

  • pink


    25.7 x 36.4 cm / Sold Out

  • Inugami (guardian deity)

    Inugami (guardian deity)

    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • blood6


    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • Land of the fox possessed

    Land of the fox possessed

    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • White Fox, Black Fox

    White Fox, Black Fox

    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • Mononoke, Vol. 1

    Mononoke, Vol. 1

    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • Mononoke Vol. 2

    Mononoke Vol. 2

    30 x 120 cm / Sold Out

  • Golden Cloud, left

    Golden Cloud, left

    120 x 30 cm / Sold Out

  • Golden Cloud, right

    Golden Cloud, right

    120 x 30 cm / Sold Out

  • tiger


    72.8 x 103 cm / Sold Out

  • Aun


    103 x 145.6 cm / Sold Out

  • blood6 - Print ver.

    blood6 - Print ver.

    19.6 x 72 cm / Sold Out