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Everything is spontaneous and unspoiled. Inspiration finds me when I start working. I don't so much try to capture a moment and freeze it on the canvas. As much as allow the moment to come into conversation with my imagination and thus the result is always unspoiled and spontaneous.


"I live for the experience of creation. I dance with life-like light on water"

Filipino modernist Noel Nieva Villafuerte's artworks are all about the experiential journey. His highly unique pieces are alive and bursting with intense colour. Inspired from the heart, they are works of great feeling that engage and absorb the viewer. Through his art, Noel explores universal themes reflecting the human condition and enduring spirit. Noel's style is spontaneous and free, resulting in textured and layered canvases of great depth and power. Noel has displayed his artworks in solo and group exhibitions internationally.


  • Nesting


    237 x 215 cm / Sold Out

  • Lake of Resilience

    Lake of Resilience

    155 x 107 cm / Sold Out

  • The Change is Now

    The Change is Now

    100 x 80 cm / Sold Out

  • Born Free

    Born Free

    92 x 98.5 cm / USD 1,200.00

  • Enduring Orange

    Enduring Orange

    92 x 98.5 cm / USD 1,200.00

  • When the wind talks

    When the wind talks

    93 x 98 cm / Sold Out

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