Anna Wacker


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USD $290 ~ $490


Living in the beautiful French country side Anna always finds an inspiration around her and from her travel impressions around the world. Her art expresses the beauty of the everyday things and places which we seldom notice in our busy life. Particularly, working with the soft pastels allow Anna to capture the textures and bold colors that she loves so much.


Anna was born in Ukraine and after receiving the Master of Arts moved to Germany being 21 years old. Now she is living in France for the last 17 years. Anna is steadily developing her drawing and painting skills through continuous learning from international professional artists in the master-classes, courses and also by working in the local artists’ community atelier.


  • Cocktail tomatoes

    Cocktail tomatoes

    45 x 55 cm / USD 385.00

  • Le Bortsch

    Le Bortsch

    65 x 50 cm / USD 490.00

  • Red redish

    Red redish

    55 x 45 cm / USD 385.00

  • Rowanberries in the snow

    Rowanberries in the snow

    45 x 55 cm / USD 385.00

  • Sweet oranges

    Sweet oranges

    36 x 45 cm / USD 290.00

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