Permiakov Dmitriy

Russian Federation

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USD $750 ~ $5,335


Dmitry is a contemporary Russian artist. His life and artistic credo is to observe and love life. Dmitry’s main technique is oil painting, based on the traditions of Russian realistic painting. Dmitriys’s art conveys the characteristic features of our reality but also state of a mind of a person. In the heart of his paintings usually lies harsh reality of life, destinies of people tired of every day lives in big city, and people that gravitate towards nature and simple joys of life. Socially sounding themes are one of the most important virtues of Dmitry Permyakov’s painting.
D. Permyakov loves nature and all that come with it. He mostly works on plein air -which really conveys fresh, realistic colours and true atmosphere on canvas, also allows artist to transfer his energy to the work itself. Dmitry Permyakov regularly participates in many all-Russian


  • pike


    96 x 99 cm / USD 5,335.00

  • pines


    72 x 95 cm / USD 3,835.00

  • spring landscape

    spring landscape

    25 x 31 cm / USD 750.00

  • Dawn


    25 x 38 cm / USD 835.00

  • cloud of hope

    cloud of hope

    43 x 47 cm / USD 1,335.00

  • to the stars

    to the stars

    75 x 87 cm / USD 4,170.00

  • sunny day

    sunny day

    42 x 48 cm / USD 1,670.00

  • lagoon


    30 x 33 cm / USD 750.00

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