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TRiCERA ART features 34,136 artworks by young artists from over 80 countries. You can find a wide range of contemporary art, including paintings, photography, sculptures and more in our online gallery. New artworks added daily, the authenticity of all artworks is guaranteed, and free worldwide shipping is available.

Selection Criteria

TRiCERA: A Seeker of Genius

“Creativity has no boundaries.” Every artist has infinite potentials and is waiting to be discovered. However, from collectors’ point of view, it is not easy to find hidden genius in the world. While the development of technology allows us to reach overseas physically and electronically, Japanese artists and creators are still struggling to have their work shown abroad because of language barriers and complex overseas delivery procedures.

We list high-quality art and craftwork by partnering with Japan’s exceptional and promising artists, all chosen selected by our experienced art advisors.

Our Selection Committee for Art

We adopt a committee system within TRiCERA collaborating with partners in both art gallery and media channels. By receiving the update art information and professional advices from art gallery, TRiCERA is confident to provide high-quality artworks to art collectors and enthusiast in the world.

Through strict selection process based on this partnership, TRiCERA successfully received supports from greatest artists in Japan.

Our Selection Criteria

The recipients of prestigious awards.
Experience of exhibitions nationally or internationally.
Artists with promising futures, but in hidden.