Reflection_Cervus bust

110cm x 110cm x 47cm

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Bone is one of the body’s memories in one’s life. This artwork is one of the memory series made by real bone. Its surface is finished by mirror polishing to reflect the moment around which the surface will change by changing the environment.

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"Takaishi Takamasa, born in 1988, who creates three-dimensional works by using bones of plants and animals sets one of the themes "" A device that evokes potential memory "". Having studied art in high school, he dreamed to become an architect who creates space that can express specific time. However, when he attended an art festival where he believed he could have more freedom to create art as an artist, he determined to develop a career as an artist. With the idea of ""I want to see what I imagined in the real world"" as a driving force, Takaishi tried to study different material. He spent four years to create a whole series of work. Takaishi says, "" Materials have the shape they want to be."" He said that the dream he pursued was that art works, space, building and environment should not be obstructed by any walls, and the exhibition space should be aligned by the perspective of art work.