DynamismII DynamismII


H 13cm x W 15cm x D 12cm

USD 1,364.00





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  • Style

    Iron, Copper, Bronze

  • Support

    Iron, Copper, Bronze

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This beautiful detailed work is created by using iron and copper, under the image of flower as a symbol of delicacy spreading from the center. The black part is made out of iron and it is rusted with the traditional Japanese coloring technique. The center part colored in red is broze, it is colored in red with traditional technique of copper finish. Other than the material, the main techniques to attach each pieces together are forging and welding. Each pieces is cut out from the board and been molding by hammering it so that the shape of each pieces is different. Through out his work, Hayao Oda wants to let everyone know the beauty of metal.