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Unicorn and the tree full of stars

27cm x 24cm x 3cm






Created by using the sinking technique on a flat surface.

Note : This artwork is in an exhibition. Only the BACKORDER can be accepted. (Estimated Delivery : Middle - End of May)

  • Style

    Gold-inlaid lacquer

  • Material


  • Support

Artist Information

Fumi Osaki

Fumi Osaki is a lacquerware artist. Through her art, she aims to express the little joy and excitement found in daily life such as memorable moments or something sad yet precious. She wants her art to lead viewers to notice the little things in life. Creating Japanese lacquerware is a process that takes time. She works layer by layer, staying true to the production of her art. She takes time to reflect on herself and what she wants to express through her artwork. The future of her art includes focusing on what is at the core of all people regardless of citizenship, gender, age, or religion. She wants to create art that talks to the souls of many different types of people.

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