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Return of the Machine God-機神再臨-

23.9cm x 15.5cm x 22cm






Return of the Machine God(abbr.:MG)is one of the artwork from Kobayashi’s “YAOYOROZ” project. “YAOYOROZ” is a project which theme is updating statues and figures of traditional Buddhism, Shintoism and other religions and beliefs from contemporary aspects. Kobayashi uses specific motif to create YAOYOROZ work usually, but MG is his own original design. Statues which try to express higher existence than human has been created with most advanced technology and designs at each period. Those are the reflections of culture and way of thinking at each period and prayer of people. Kobayashi thinks we need to create artworks/statues which reflects contemporary culture and society to pass it down to future generation. Kobayashi consider Japanese subculture design as descendent of the animism spirit which was formed in ancient Jomon period. MG is a collage of Japanese subculture design like anime, Kaiju movies which has been had big impact to Kobayashi’s childhood. Those designs are deconstructed and reconstructed on Kobayashi’s work in abstract ways. Kobayashi is trying to connect ancient and modern through “shapes” and create gigantic circle of Japanese culture, a mandala like expression of Japanese culture.

  • Style

    Full color 3D printer

  • Material

    3D printer

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Artist Information

Taketo Kobayashi

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