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Birds Ⅰ

40cm x 93cm x 3cm






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Cutaway work featuring various birds as in family crests imaging "Kakejiku" or tapestries, not like picture. The models of some birds on this art are actually been had by this artist who likes the birds most in the animals. She changes the expression of same birds so that the audience can enjoy the diferences of each other. The back ground and the color paper are "Washi" Japanese traditional pulp paper. Some of them are byed or colored by herself.

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    Paper cutting

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Haruka Tsuneda, also known as 'Mitsurindo', is an artist who specializes in cutaway art. She is intrigued with detailed designs and how light can be seen coming through both sides of the piece when it is completed. Her artwork is unique because she aims to convey a spooky or scary atmosphere in her work rather than cute or fun. Her artwork reflects Japanese style, color usage, and often includes women in kimonos. She is also inspired by her mother's calligraphy as she often uses characters in her designs. Haruka recently started creating Japanese washi cutaway dresses and has made two thus far. She believes that there are many areas for improvement and would like to challenge herself.

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