AndyWarhol×3times AndyWarhol×3times


H 61.8cm x W 61.8cm x D 3cm






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An image of Andy Warhol's portrait work printed in the same place 3 times. This was created to update Marika's printmaking technique. The scratched is left on the work intentionally.

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Artist Information

OISHI Marika

Marika was focusing on working with mushroom clouds for 8 years. One day she put hydrochloric acid on a picture of mushroom clouds which collapsed the ink on the surface and leaving only the material of ink. The shape of the mushroom cloud could not be recognized after all, but she felt the beauty in the process of melting and collapsing the image that was able to recognize before. Now she is mainly working on the expression method of dissolving the ink on the printed photographic paper with water. In addition, she mixed different materials to her work using broken TVs, fresh flowers, and artificial flowers.
Recently she started working with the theme of 'Sacrifice of life and memorial service', due to the experience of terrorism happened in Sri Lanka which was on the same as her grandmother's funeral. She is interested in life and death and uses her work to digest her impatience and anxiety.
In many cases, her work changes during the exhibition. She let the viewer to 'add' and entrust the change of her work by using a spray containing water and fresh flowers.

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