Sharp on Soft Sharp on Soft Sharp on Soft Sharp on Soft

Sharp on Soft

H 52.5cm x W 45.5cm x D 4.5cm

USD 1,264.00





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  • Style

    Print with Oil Painting

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

World is constrained, producing the objects and the places that can be displayed are also limited as well. But because of that, this work is expressing the world without any restrictions.

This is a photo that Hiroaki Sugiyama took when he was on vacation, and was printed on a special sheet of paper with unique technique which gives a texture with a sense of presence which makes art to stand out. This unique technique and a special sheet of paper was produced by 'A&C GALLERY'. He over-painted with oil painting which makes it the one and only piece in the world. This is a picture of Eiffel tower in Paris, France which was took right after he was deceived by a donation scam. He was feeling devistated but at the same time, he saw the reality of people who have to fraud in order to survive.

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