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The Memory and Trace

30cm x 40cm x 3cm






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Artist Information

Kim Jihye

Kim Jihye, a recent graduate of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, specializes in copperplate engraving through Mezzotint and etching. Out of all the techniques she learned at her university, she was most drawn to copperplate etching because it allowed her to work on very fine details. She has continued to focus on copperplate etching ever since her Junior year. She describes her art as having a sense of reality with a subtle element of fantasy. She etches shades of light to create depth and a mysterious element. Beyond technical challenges she faces with copperplate engraving, one challenge she often encounters is finding inspiration from her daily life. While she is currently based in Tokyo, she feels a strong connection to both Korea and Japan and hopes to continue printmaking in both countries.

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