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This "cool it" series satirize the mass comsumption with a melting ice pop polar bear. An educational "Kawaii" pop culture from Japan for environmental issues.

  • Style

    Sik screen printing

  • Material


  • Support

    Wooden panel

Yu Uchida is known for works of adorable polar bear, which criticizes mass consumption and production. One of his most famous work is of melting polar bear popsicles made out of glass. It is a series titled Cool It, which ironically expresses the issue with society’s mass consumption. He points out a contradiction in society today through this series. The polar bears of his work look adorable at first glance, but some see a forced, uncanny smile once looked at in detail. The smile is based on the typical smiles of famous cartoon characters, and the colors of the polar bears' costumes and the background symbolize Japanese "kawaii" pop culture. Uchida tries to show the naiveness and indifference of environmental issues within the "kawaii" culture by his cool it series. He believes the advancements of civilization is destroying the earth.

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