Cream fountain Cream fountain Cream fountain Cream fountain

Cream fountain

H 37.5cm x W 32.3cm x D 5cm

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    Giclée Print

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Osamu Watanabe is a Japanese artist pioneer in "Fake Cream Art." He makes full use of fake food such as fresh cream and fruit and creates various work. In recent years, his works have been collected in numerous museums in Japan, as well as in exhibitions abroad. In a large solo exhibition in his hometown, Yamaguchi prefecture, held in 2015, he mobilized 30,000 visitors with the highest number of visitors, having gained popularity even among people who do not necessarily visit art exhibitions. He also draws attention in the art world, as is seen in the work introduction by Shuji Takashina who received the Culture Merit award in "The Dynamism of Nippon Art" (Kodansha).

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