Incarnations #003 (Critter)

Incarnations #003 (Critter)

H 30cm x W 30cm x D 0cm

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“Incarnations”, a group of photographs created and questioned since 2012, are the most photographic expression and the least photographic expression that photographed a three-dimensional object that was instantaneously shaped with liquid by Umekawa himself. This is a series of characters that capture the beauty of nature created by Valent's emotions. Create various shapes with a simple method, combine them with complex lighting and convert them into multicolored colors, characterize them as heroes or antiheros, name them poetically and multiply like viruses . It is not only technical aspects that complete the upside down of the three-dimensional shape at the time of shooting, but also embodies and symbolizes the resistance of modern Japanese society to consumed structural fiction and imitation repetition. Furthermore, it is a group of works that always seeks a philosophical interpretation by the viewer himself, not just by the concept of conceptual.

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