MIKKA (Wandering Flower)_06b

MIKKA (Wandering Flower)_06b

H 62.3cm x W 54.9cm x D 3cm

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  • Style

    Paper Cut

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

All works created by Tetsuji Yamashita looks like its been created by computer graphics or paintings but its created by layering small pieces of papers.

Wearing a costume named "glamourous"

A single flower wanders between white and black.

It adds another smell to its limb.

It blooms in the false world.

It has petals colored by others.

It only needs one teaspoonful of happiness.

And it is surrounded by desperate loneliness.

It is in the deep forest where there is slight light.

Let light shine it.

Don't let the light shine it.

Don't let the light shine it. Let light shine it.

There are two sides of the character, which are like fog swaying with the wind.

That flower blooms in the clearance as always.

It blooms quietly and gracefuliy.

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