H 103cm x W 72.8cm x D 3cm






All works created by Tetsuji Yamashita looks like its been created by computer graphics or paintings but its created by layering small pieces of papers.

Silver pendant falls on the chest.

The black and white stairs start the flow of water.

As water particles connect with air.

The sound and the sound connect and emit a rainbow color.

Unleashing the darkness that was at the bottom of my heart.

A tone that invites you into an unknown world.

A clear tone like a well that springs up.

The history change and love begin.

The distance changes the rhythm.

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Artist Information

Tetsuji Yamashita

Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1968. After graduating from Nagoya University of the Arts, Tetsuji Yamashita started his career as a graphic designer at design office. When he was still a student, he took a year off and I traveled to Kenya and attended Japan Africa Culture Interchange Institute - Kenya / Swahili lanugage school. He also traveled to five different countries including Zimbabwe after graduating and experienced different cultures in Africa. He started his career as an artist after returning to Japan and start making his artwork based on his travel experiences which received an award at Grand Prix International Le Monde de la Culture et des Arts Cannes-Azur 2007. A unique technique is described as a "paper quilt" and had multiple solo and group exhibitions not just in Japan, but aorld wide as well.

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