Africa Ⅱ Africa Ⅱ

Africa Ⅱ

H 61.4cm x W 54cm x D 3cm

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  • Style

    Paper Cut

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

All works created by Tetsuji Yamashita looks like its been created by computer graphics or paintings but its created by layering small pieces of papers.

Africa Ⅱ

Flowers bloom on the land.

Flowers bloom on the tree.

A forest of the time accumulated since the ancient time.

The ancient breath lying at the bottom of the beautiful petals moves, nurtures and changes itself.

Even the ancient shape that humans made is just repeated and marked just like everything else on earth.

Naturally, just naturally.

Simply, just simply.

Somethingユs always moving in Africa. Just peacefully. But vividly.

(Grand prize at Le Salon du Monde de la Culture et des Arts Cannes-Azur 2008 in France )

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