La Reine (Seamus Series) La Reine (Seamus Series) La Reine (Seamus Series) La Reine (Seamus Series) La Reine (Seamus Series)

La Reine (Seamus Series)

H 60cm x W 30cm x D 1.1cm

USD 600.00





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  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

“La Reine” is a part of my ongoing series “Seamus” that focuses on a peaceful crowd of otherworldly reptile-like subjects who live in their own hierarchy and are offering insight, should we choose to need and accept it. La Reine is their queen, a higher being of infinite knowledge. She does not care to tend to her subjects nor intervene in our world as she was made to be the one to hold all knowledge of tolerance, love, peaceful intentions, empathy and kindness. She is a portal for us to reach all that but leaves us the choice of overcoming our fear of the unknown, our infinite pettiness and anger, our incapacity to accept the different, our need to dominate one another, and yearn for something different that would elevate us to the next step on the evolutionary ladder.

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