The beginning of the earth The beginning of the earth

The beginning of the earth

H 27cm x W 27cm x D 3.6cm

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    Oil Painting

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"At the beginning, there's the top and bottom.
This world was opened by the breath of the gods. "
In fact, this work is a painting that was drawn by hand painting with eyes closed from the beginning until completion.
It was an experiment to create art that goes beyond the fixed concept of the sense of color and sensitivity.
Choose a tube from a pile of paints of various colors, all with your eyes closed and intuitive.
Finally, when I opened my eyes like "Okay, it's over!", This work was completed right before my eyes.
I usually don't like brown or black so much, but they happen to choose the unconscious color.
And the inspiration that came down the moment I saw this picture was the beginning of the heaven and earth.
The beginning of a beautiful world created by gods in chaotic nothingness.
It is an art that brings a mysterious feeling, like co-creating with the universe beyond your own senses.

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