Voice of life Voice of life

Voice of life

H 27cm x W 27cm x D 3.6cm






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"Every time I close my eyes, I hear it.
Very deeply and grandly, the voice that surrounds this star.
It's so powerful and warm that it can resonate with my “life”. "
A red-haired girl traveling through a vivid world.
The girl looks at the majestic natural energy.
All of us living on a green earth can live in peace only with the blessings of nature.
We humans also listen to the voice of nature, harmonize and live together happily.
It is a work drawn with such a prayer for the future of the earth.

-This work is ["red blond girl" series].
A girl wearing a red robe invites us to a vivid and fantastic world.
It's like a mysterious art that links to the world of the viewer's own mind.
The three-dimensional canvas has a picture drawn on the side, and the girl with a red shirt has a 3D-like presence.

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AYAKA values inspiration most in expression.
Intuitive art where you draw hand-painted vivid flashes that are born instantly, facing a pure white canvas.
The source of inspiration is the beauty of nature, the beauty of life, and the mysterious energy of the universe.
AYAKA's art is drawn freely with the impulse of the soul, which resonates by praying to "Mysterious and Holy Things".
The vivid world changes the expression according to the current heart of each person who touches the work, and delights the infinite imagination.
"Art brings the joy of the soul to the hearts of individuals around the world. >> Keeping such feelings at the core, I continue to explore the truth of beauty as it moves.

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