Light of the heart

Light of the heart

H 34.3cm x W 25.6cm x D 1.2cm

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  • Style

    Oil Painting

  • Support

    Illustration Board

  • Edition

"The more you gaze quietly, the deeper you suck.
It is a very warm, lonely, nostalgic light.
As if the door of your heart opens slowly.
The only light of my memory. "
This painting will have a different impression for each viewer.
When I stare at it, there is a feeling that springs up somehow deep inside my chest.
If you concentrate on that, it is such a meditative art where you can suddenly see "important something" in your deep place.
What do you feel from this picture?
I'm in my heart ... distant memories ... memories of the past ...
Please enjoy a little bit of the "light of the heart" associated with this picture.
May the lights of my heart shine on you.

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