Phoenix Phoenix


H 80.3cm x W 65.1cm x D 1.8cm

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  • Style

    Oil Painting

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"It's a bird of God descending from heaven.
Gently spread the pure white feathers,
His eyes calmly stare at the fantasy world.

When its beautiful appearance descends into this world
This world is enveloped in the light of happiness and peace.
It's the story of the legendary God-bird, "Shinohou". "
The phoenix is a mythical creature, a bird of God that is a precursor to the blessings.
The phoenix is said to be a male and the phoenix a female.
The background is hand-painted, and the bird of God has drawn all the feathers with a brush.
The blue eyes of the phoenix breathing in the sacred worldview are clear and dignified,
Noble elegance as if staring at the truth of the world is brought out.
It is a work created with prayer so that the person who descends on this phoenix can be enveloped in the light of happiness and peace.

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