Goddess of the night Goddess of the night

Goddess of the night

H 72.7cm x W 72.7cm x D 1.8cm

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  • Style

    Oil Painting

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"The world awakens from the darkness of jet black, and the dazzling light rises.
The morning sun blazingly lights the world, and those who swim in the sea scream.
The goddess smiled gently and gently moisturized the grace of beautiful life. "
This work was inspired by the beautiful blessings of the natural world where creatures and plants live.
The sun is a sunflower, a mysterious fish is swimming, and it is fantasy like a mythological world.
The crown worn by the goddess is a lily of the valley flower. Japanese flower language is "return of happiness"
It means “sweetness” and “purity”.
Even if the jet-black night comes, the morning sun always rises again. And the pure love of the goddess who oversees the world gently.
It is a work where such a message dwells.

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