The white bird and the girl The white bird and the girl

The white bird and the girl

H 45.5cm x W 53cm x D 1.8cm

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  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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  • Edition

"The stars shine in the blue night sky
The fiery orange light shrouded the girl.
A white bird rolling down the full moon hill
Flying to the girl with a single flower.
"A happy white bird is always with you ..."
A bird with a single flower, flying a white bird to the girl on the hill.
The theme of this work is "White birds that bring happiness to girls".
What is happiness for a girl?
Is it a single flower given by a white bird, or can it be with a white bird, or ...
Happiness may be there if you notice it at any moment.
A happy white bird will surely always be in our hearts.
The three-dimensional canvas is painted on the side, and the girl and the white bird have a 3D-like presence.

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