Sense of Wonder Sense of Wonder Sense of Wonder

Sense of Wonder

H 91cm x W 72.7cm x D 1.8cm

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  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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"The mysterious light wrapped around the world, and everything began in an instant.
Everything is a holy life.
Rejoice in the sparkle of beautiful stars and offer a blessing poem. "
The universe has an infinite mystery that far surpasses human wisdom.
With love for the invisible, magnificent energy and the sacred miracle that the universe was created for, I drew this work.
Each time you look at this work, it is a picture that gives you a mysterious feeling that you will be drawn into the deep spiritual world in your heart.
By mixing transparent acrylic resin with the paint, a feeling of unevenness is created on the surface,
When it is displayed on a wall, it is a work that creates a fantastic luster.

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