Heavy Crown (R) Heavy Crown (R)

Heavy Crown (R)

H 85.1cm x W 62.7cm x D 2.7cm

USD 2,455.00





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  • Style

    Digital collage

  • Support


  • Edition


A work that expresses the anxieties of human beings to strange animals and plants.
I used thousands of layers per point of hand-drawn input material with the concept of "visualizing invisible beings"
I am creating a detailed digital collage.
Each of the smallest characters has a flexible and diverse form and has emerged as a spokesman for human psychology and emotions.
The body is lined with digitally output fine-grained cloth media with resin coating to increase gloss and color development, and then lined with white painted wooden panels
It has a semi-three-dimensional finish with images connected to the sides.
This work is a limited edition and has an edition number and a sign on the bottom of the panel.

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