Little visionary Little visionary

Little visionary

H 120cm x W 68.6cm x D 2.7cm

USD 2,727.00





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  • Style

    Digital collage

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  • Edition


This work is based on the theme of a child's innocent and free-spirited imagination.
Unusual animals and plants compose the entire screen while maintaining balance with each other, expressing a mysterious world with a certain sense of order.
Each character created from all hand-drawn input materials is flexible and rich in variety, while each is based on familiar animals and plants,
It has a very solid form.
The main body of the work is a digitally output fine cloth media, coated with resin to increase gloss and color development, and then lined with white painted wooden panels
It has a semi-three-dimensional finish with images connected to the sides.
This work is a limited edition with an edition number and a signature on the bottom of each panel.

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