Fertile Island 2 (L) Fertile Island 2 (L)

Fertile Island 2 (L)

H 89.4cm x W 89.4cm x D 2.7cm

USD 3,000.00





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  • Style

    Digital collage

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A work that expresses the will to live without losing sight in a confused world, entrusting it to anomalous flora and fauna.
I am creating a digital collage work based on the concept of “visualizing the invisible being”.
Each character created from precise digital collage using thousands of layers per point made from input material
Each is based on familiar animals and plants, yet has a very strong form that is flexible and diverse.
The main body is lined with digitally output fine-grained cloth media with resin coating to increase gloss and color development, and then lined with white painted wooden panels
It has a semi-three-dimensional finish with images connected to the sides.
This work is a limited edition and has an edition number and a sign on the bottom of the panel.

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