Symbol -L- Symbol -L- Symbol -L-

Symbol -L-

H 26.7cm x W 32.1cm x D 4cm






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  • Style

    Mineral Pigments, Metal Powder, Stone

  • Support

    Hemp Paper

  • Edition

Artist Information

Yurika Unami

Born in Kanagawa in 1990 and was studying Japanese Painting at Musashino Art University in 2014. She is a painter and a web designer at the same time who actives as a creator.
The painting uses a traditional Japanese painting material and technique to express the world of unique color. She often uses her past memories and dreams as a motif and draws them out by layering the color. The geometric figures in her arts represent pieces of her memories which like glittering material of a kaleidoscope.
Moreover, painting doesn't stimulate your hearing but she also wants to be like music, so she always conscious of it while she is drawing. Please feel the atmosphere of color and music in her artwork.

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